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TECE cisterns, frames & flush plate buttons launched by Bathroom Engineering

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Designed & manufactured by TECE of Germany, the TECE flushing technology range was launched in April 2016 to widespread praise from the bathroom industry.


With significants stocks held in our own warehouse, we offer direct delivery to trade outlets around the UK from our distribution centre in Somerset. As the exclusive sales office for the Tece flushing systems, we have now added a very innovative range of concealed cisterns, push control plates, and cistern frames that can be built into buildings of all types. With sales of millions of units since being launched, these high quality German products have a fairly unique advantage against our competitors in ‘blue’ (…you know who they are..!) as ALL Flush Plates will fit ALL Cisterns & Frames. Our research has proven that for the 1st time, there is a real alternative in the premium market that doesn’t require a compromise in either real world features, or manufacturing quality. Experienced installers prefer the quick & robust installation methods, high performance features, and great value that TECE flushing offers, especially when combined with the huge range of 100% compatible flush plates. Over the next few months, expect to hear more about TECE flushing systems.