How to apply Aquaguard waterproofing to a wetroom?

When fitting Aquaguard, fit the drain in its required location. Butt the eforms up to the drain leaving a 5mm gap between the flange of the drain and the beginning of the eform.

Make sure that the waterproof membrane is laid on top of the eform rather than underneath.

Lay down a thin but consistant layer of flexible tile adhesive and make sure it is smooth.

Fit the first run of Aquaguard, adjacent to the drain, spanning from left to right.

Make sure there are no bubbles underneath the waterproofing, otherwise it may make laying the floor tricky.

The Aquaguard should sit on the drains waterproof membrane and be held in place using more tile adhesive.

When fitting the next layer of Aquaguard, fit in the same fashion using tile adhesive and ensure that it overlaps the previously laid Aquaguard by approximately 25mm. Again, secure this to the previous layer using more tile adhesive.

Repeat above steps until wetroom area is completely covered.



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