What are the benefits of using Tece Frames, cisterns and flush plates?

There are many benefits to using the Tece product range. For instance, the Tece frames are stronger, less likely to twist and lighter than pretty much all competitors equivilents.

The cisterns are really user/installer friendly, and water release and fill valves can be removed and replaced easily.

The water fill valve settings can easily be changed, controlling the amount of water required to fill the cistern.

The water release valve has 4 standard water release settings meaning that the amount of water being released is easily changed.

Not only that, but there are water throttle control rings that can be fitted into the bottom of the cistern, controlling the force in which the water is pushed around the pan, ensuring you are getting the perfect clean on every flush.

All Tece flush plates will fit onto all Tece cisterns and frames, along with many competitors cisterns and frames. There is a wide range of plates available, in an equally large choice of colours and finishes.

We can also supply custom colour finishes on our Tece Square Metal range, on request

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