What toilet pans are compatible with Tece Frames?

There are a huge range of toilet pans that are compatible with Tece frames, from various manufactures. However, the mounting points on the Tece frame need to be considered when purchasing the toilet pan. Frame specification documents can be supplied on request. There are 2 fixing point widths on all Tece frames. These are 180mm [...]

What are the benefits of using Tece Frames, cisterns and flush plates?

There are many benefits to using the Tece product range. For instance, the Tece frames are stronger, less likely to twist and lighter than pretty much all competitors equivilents. The cisterns are really user/installer friendly, and water release and fill valves can be removed and replaced easily. The water fill valve settings can easily be [...]

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How Does it Work?

Within the frame is a cistern and all other connecting pipes between the cistern and pan. The frame is installed within a wall, allowing for wall hung pans to be connected to and supported by it. The cistern within the frame is connected directly to the mains water. The cisterns water outlet is connected to [...]

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Why would I want it?

Using a frame rather than a conventional close coupled pan and cistern offers a wide range of advantages. Very high end minimalist finish No section of pan is touching floor allowing the pan and floor to be cleaned more efficiently With frame internal of walls means no cleaning of a cistern which would be required [...]

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What do the throttle controls do?

The throttle controls are supplied as an extra, and come in a pack of 8 different coloured products. Each of the 8 different throttle controls have different internal diameters, meaning that they would either increase or decrease the force in which water is expelled from the cistern into the pan. The internal diameter ranges from [...]

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