Thin and light waterproof membrane protects substrates from water damage below tiles. AquaeGUARD™ Universal membrane is suitable for both floors and walls alike, and AquaeGUARD™ Floor is only suitable for floors.

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This thin & light waterproof material protects substrates from water damage below tiles. A UNIVERSAL membrane suitable for use on both floors & walls alike, it is set into tile adhesive, building a superior waterproof barrier. AquaeGUARD™ reduces project times due to its speed & simplicity in use, ensuring it is ideal for competent D.I.Y.’ers & professional installers alike.


Used below all tiles applications, AquaeGUARD™ creates a waterproof barrier protecting substrates from water damage. This 3ply membrane is made from Polyethylene sheet sandwiched between 2x outer layers of non-woven Polypropylene. AquaeGUARD™ is available in 5m, 10m, & 30m rolls, as well as pre-formed accessories such as Jointing Tape, Pre-Fabricated Corners & Gaskets.

  • AquaeGUARD™ is a UNIVERSAL Water & Moisture Barrier, suitable for all WALL & FLOOR applications.
  • Joints between adjoining materials & awkward shapes are bridged with Jointing Tape & pre-formed accessories
  • Suits all tile adhesives, AquaeGUARD™ completely seals & waterproofs against water & moisture penetration
  • Tiles can be fitted immediately, improving project installation time, as there are no waiting or drying times
  • A very thin membrane, with uniform thickness & no weak points, AquaeGUARD™ is buried within tile adhesive.
  • Can be used in all internal sealing projects, with materials such as under tiles or sheet stone slabs
  • Very easy & quick to use, with few tools & limited skill or knowledge of waterproofing
  • Manufacturers Warranty : ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management System
  • Colour : Yellow
  • Project Size Kits : 5 m2& 10 m2, with accessories

NOTE – This product should not be used for standing water, or storage of water under pressure


  • Damp or Waterprone Areas, Wet Room, & all bathrooms with a higher risk of water ingress
  • AquaeGUARD™ is suitable for Internal or External Refurbishments & New Build projects.
  • Bonds with tile adhesive, to dry & structurally sound, load bearing substrates like block, wood, concrete & cement
  • All Standard floor & wall structures

Technical Information


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5m, 10m, 30m, 425 x 425, 120mm Wide, 10m x 120mm Wide, 15m x 120mm Wide, 50m x 120mm Wide, 150mm x 150mm, 125mm x 125mm, 5m2 Kit, 10m2 Kit

Product range

DescriptionSizeART No.
AquaeGUARD Universal, Waterproof Membrane Roll5mLW00700500
AquaeGUARD Universal, Waterproof Membrane Roll10mLW00700501
AquaeGUARD Universal, Waterproof Membrane Roll30mLW00700502
AquaeGUARD Floor, Waterproof Membrane Roll5mLW00700503
AquaeGUARD Floor, Waterproof Membrane Roll30mLW00700504
Gasket Floor Collar425 x 425LW00700505
Corner Joint Tape 3x Way, Internal Corner120mm WideLW00700506
Corner Joint Tape 3x Way, External Corner120mm WideLW00700507
Joint Sealing Tape, Roll10m x 120mm WideLW00700508
Joint Sealing Tape, Roll15m x 120mm WideLW00700509
Joint Sealing Tape, Roll50m x 120mm WideLW00700510
Flexible Colar150mm x 150mmLW00700511
Pipe Collar125mm x 125mmLW00700512
All Inc. Waterproofing Kit, Membrane, Tape, Corner5m2 KitLW00700513
All Inc. Waterproofing Kit, Membrane, Tape, Corner10m2 KitLW00700514
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