TECEloop (Modular)

Ultimate flexabilty for designers to mix interchangeable modular push buttons (A) with glass decor panels (B) to offer over 100x variations of finish. Includes finishes from Alape, EMCO, Burgbad.

Can be rebated flush into the wall

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Engineered in Germany, a premium range of ‘flush plates’ for concealed cisterns & sanitaryware installation frames by TECE. Contemporary ‘Flat’ design combines with high quality materials to create a classical yet simple solution to discretely actuate the controls of concealed cisterns. Supplied with all fittings & instructions.


TECE loop are matched exclusively to the TECE range of concealed cisterns & installation systems suitable for WC’s in en-suites, cloakrooms & other bathroom projects. The control push plate is fitted to cisterns that are suitable for :

  • All common construction systems, in domestic, commercial, & institutional new build or refurbishment projects
  • Small or large bathrooms, where space is at a premium, while ease of cleaning & sleek design is a priority
  • Premium design led bathroom installations, where aesthetic considerations require sleek product solutions


  • The TECEloop range of dual flush, contemporary flush plates is available in a choice of 11x designs with a mixture of finishes including :
    • White Surround, White Buttons
    • White Surround, Polished Chrome Buttons
    • White Surround, White Anti-Bacterial Buttons
    • Polished Chrome Surround & Buttons
    • Matt Chrome Surround & Buttons
    • Pergamon Grey Surround & Buttons
  • Slimline ‘flat’ plate fits 6mm proud of surface it is fixed to
  • Control push buttons sit proud of plate & operate all models of TECE concealed cisterns, & frames for WC’s
  • Smooth actuation of cistern controls with vertically hung buttons that return to their original position
  • Push control button also acts as removable decorative access cover to effect instant access to complete Control & Service Assembly, including unique transparent splash guard
  • Compatible with optional ‘Insert Chute’ for use with cleaning tablets
  • Requires a minimum wall thickness of 30mm, to result in an premium quality control push plate
  • Supplied with control push rods to actuate flush valve components within cistern

Technical Information

Dimensions N/A

Buttons, Decor Panel

Colour / Finish

White, White Antibacterial, Matt Chrome, Polished Chrome, Black, Gold, Brushed Stainless Steel (Anti Fingerprint), Glass Mint Green, Glass White, Glass Asis Green, Glass Orange, Glass Black, Glass Silver Grey, Glass Blue Grey, Glass Coffee Brown, Glass Ruby Red, Glass Ivory, Glass Grass Green, Mirror, Slate Slab (Natural Stone Variable Finish)

Product range

DescriptionSizeART No.
(A) Buttons, White-FP9240663
(A) Buttons, White Antibacterial-FP9240664
(A) Buttons, Matt Chrome-FP9240665
(A) Buttons, Polished Chrome-FP9240666
(A) Buttons, Black-FP9240667
(A) Buttons, Gold-FP9240668
(A) Buttons, Brushed Stainless Steel (Anti Fingerprint)-FP9240669
(A) Buttons, Matt Black-FP9240619
(A) Buttons, Matt White-FP9240618
(B) Décor Panel, Glass Mint Green220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240670
(B) Décor Panel, Glass White220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240671
(B) Décor Panel, Glass Asis Green220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240672
(B) Décor Panel, Glass Orange220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240673
(B) Décor Panel, Glass Black220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240674
(B) Décor Panel, Glass Silver Grey220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240676
(B) Décor Panel, Glass Blue Grey220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240677
(B) Décor Panel, Glass Coffee Brown220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240678
(B) Décor Panel, Glass Ruby Red220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240679
(B) Décor Panel, Glass Ivory220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240680
(B) Décor Panel, Glass Grass Green220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240685
(B) Décor Panel, Mirror220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240683
(B) Décor Panel, Slate Slab (Natural Stone Variable Finish)220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240675
(B) Decor Panel, Oak Wood220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240612
(B) Decor Panel, White Marble220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240613
(B) Decor Panel, Light Concrete220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240614
(B) Decor Panel, Evening Blue220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240615
(B) Decor Panel, Titanium220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240616
(B) Decor Panel, Light Beige220 x 150 x 11mmFP9240617
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