TECEloop Control Plates

Elegant flush plate range including coloured decor plate in plastic and 6 button options.

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Engineered in Germany, a premium range of ‘flush plates’ for concealed cisterns & sanitaryware installation frames by TECE. Contemporary ‘Flat’ design combines with high quality materials to create a classical yet simple solution to discretely actuate the controls of concealed cisterns. Supplied with all fittings & instructions.


TECE loop are matched exclusively to the TECE range of concealed cisterns & installation systems suitable for WC’s in en-suites, cloakrooms & other bathroom projects. The control push plate is fitted to cisterns that are suitable for :

  • All common construction systems, in domestic, commercial, & institutional new build or refurbishment projects
  • Small or large bathrooms, where space is at a premium, while ease of cleaning & sleek design is a priority
  • Premium design led bathroom installations, where aesthetic considerations require sleek product solutions


  • The TECEloop range of dual flush, contemporary flush plates is available in a choice of 11x designs with a mixture of finishes including :
    • White Surround, White Buttons
    • White Surround, Polished Chrome Buttons
    • White Surround, White Anti-Bacterial Buttons
    • Polished Chrome Surround & Buttons
    • Matt Chrome Surround & Buttons
    • Pergamon Grey Surround & Buttons
  • Slimline ‘flat’ plate fits 6mm proud of surface it is fixed to
  • Control push buttons sit proud of plate & operate all models of TECE concealed cisterns, & frames for WC’s
  • Smooth actuation of cistern controls with vertically hung buttons that return to their original position
  • Push control plate also acts as removable decorative access cover to effect instant access to complete control & Service Assembly, including a unique transparent splash guard
  • Compatible with optional ‘Insert Chute’ for use with cleaning tablets
  • Requires a minimum wall thickness of 30mm, to result in an premium quality control push plate
  • Supplied with control push rods to actuate flush valve components within the cistern

Technical Information

Dimensions N/A
Plate / Button Colour

Plastic, White, Plastic, Matt Chrome, Plastic, Bright Chrome, Plastic White, Buttons Bright Chrome, Plastic, White Antibacterial

Product range

DescriptionSizeART No.
Dual Flush, Plastic, White†216 x 145 x 6mmFP9240920
Dual Flush, Plastic, Matt Chrome†216 x 145 x 6mmFP9240922
Dual Flush, Plastic, Bright Chrome†216 x 145 x 6mmFP9240921
Dual Flush, Plastic, White, Buttons Bright Chrome†216 x 145 x 6mmFP9240927
Dual Flush, Plastic, White Antibacterial†216 x 145 x 6mmFP9240640
TECEloop Dual Flush, Plastic, Matt Black216 x 145 x 6mmFP9240925
TECEloop Dual Flush, Plastic, Matt White216 x 145 x 6mmFP9240926
TECEloop Dual Flush, Plastic, Black216 x 145 x 6mmFP9240924
†Cannot be fitted flush into wall
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