A simple range of high quality single point floor drains with high flow rates, in 3x different sizes, & 5x different finish options to match the decoration within the bathroom. Reversible grate allows for tile insert or stainless steel Xero finish.


  • Small square range of shower drains in 3x sizes (100x100mm,150x150mm,200x200mm), with different grate options
  • Made from high quality stainless steel to offer reliability & superior resistance to chemical attack
  • Easier fitting to suspended timber floors with off-centre outlet, fitting a rotatable trap assembly (360 degrees) & UK regulations compliant 50mm trap
  • Surrounding installation flange helps support the 18mm deep channel into common floor boards, & secures the waterproof sealing gasket that is supplied as standard
  • Height adjustable S/Steel Trim Support ensures a foot friendly finish at the channel edge, & allows tile floor finishes with a thickness of between 8mm & 18mm to be used. Thicker sizes can be accommodated with care
  • Removable Stainless Steel grate comes in different types: polished glass (Black, White, & Aquae Green), tile insert or brushed stainless steel. Tile insert grate offering a flat cover or a 12mm recess to insert matching tiles
  • Installation Sealing Kit comprising surrounding gasket is fitted at the factory is standard, & should be combined with
  • Waterproofing Systems to seal into the floor structure


The single point drain is a square gully used within wet room showers & are is offered in 3x different sizes. Suits:

  • En-Suites – small bathrooms where space efficiency is at a premium.
  • Refurbishments & New Build
  • Floor Structures – Designed for especially for Board over Wooden Joist floors (18mm or more) & can also fit into Concrete floors without alteration.
  • Custom Made shower trays, machined from natural stone


Specialist floor drains for wet room showers. Check suitability for concrete or timber floors.

Technical Information


100 x 100, 150 x 150, 200 x 200

Product range

RangeSizeART No.
Single Point Drain, TILE Insert / Xero Reversible Grate100 x 100mmWD00800150
Single Point Drain, TILE Insert / Xero Reversible Grate150 x 150mmWD00800153
Single Point Drain, TILE Insert / Xero Reversible Grate200 x 200mmWD00800156
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