TECEsolid Electronic

The TECEsolid Electronic is a hands-free, very flat, stainless steel flush plate which comes included with fixing material, watertight battery compartment for installation.

Programmable functions (via Bluetooth interface and app):
– Single or water-saving dual flush
– Detection range of the sensor
– Interval hygiene flush
– Activation time
– Pre-flush
– Automatic flush (safety flush)
– Display illumination brightness


The TECEsolid Electronic is a hands-free electronic smart flushing plate built for the modern, forward-thinking home owner, or suitable for a commercial environment. Hygiene comes first and foremost, yet the design of this product has been carefully considered, to produce something that is high quality, affordable, durable, and modern.

The programmable and infra-red three-dimensional sensors allow for a better user experience. The sensors proactively interpret movements and anticipate the users actions, providing an efficient and seamless experience.

The robust stainless steel design is of high quality and comes in stainless steel, bright chrome, matte white, matte black and bright white options.

Available in either a 12V mains or 6V battery-operated version.

Please note that with any 12v mains flush plate, you will also need a electronic Transformer & Connection Cable.

Technical Information


220 x 150 x 6 (W x H x D) Mm

Product range

DescriptionSizeART No.
Dual Flush, Brushed Stainless Steel, 6v Battery220 x 150 x 6mmFP9240464
Dual Flush, Brushed Stainless Steel, 12v Mains 220 x 150 x 6mmFP9240454
Dual Flush, Bright Chrome, 6v Battery220 x 150 x 6mmFP9240461
Dual Flush, Bright Chrome, 12v Mains220 x 150 x 6mmFP9240451
Dual Flush, Bright White, 6v Battery220 x 150 x 6mmFP9240462
Dual Flush, Bright White, 12v Mains220 x 150 x 6mmFP9240452
Dual Flush, Matte White, 6v Battery220 x 150 x 6mmFP9240463
Dual Flush, Matte White, 12v Mains220 x 150 x 6mmFP9240453
Dual Flush, Matte Black, 6v Battery220 x 150 x 6mmFP9240465
Dual Flush, Matte Black, 12v Mains220 x 150 x 6mmFP9240455
TECEsolid Electronic Transformer & Connection CableFP9810012
Spacing Frame White†FP9240440
Spacing Frame Grey†FP9240441...
†Required when fitting in to a flush rebate frame
  • TECEsolid Electronic toilet flush plate installation guide
  • CAD - DWG
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