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The top quality design & high quality finish also had to be delivered quickly, yet it was essential the project stayed within its tight budgetary constraints. Having concluded the commercial limitations, Bathroom Engineering also had to consider the technical requirements including the flow rates, floor gradients and vertical space requirements within the existing concrete floors, and recommended the use of linear drains throughout.

With an almost invisible outlet as well as a high flow capacity, the Tegel floor drain kept costs under control while maintaining the very high design standards found within the project. Installed in the summer, & opened in late 2009, the KLM Skyteam lounge now offers a very high quality experience for travellers wanting to be fresh & rested prior to their flight.

Having experienced compatibility problems previously using competitor tanking systems, the sub-contractors needed a waterproof membrane able to withstand higher heat outputs, & be suitable to seal the walls of the showers. Both waterproof tanking membranes offered by Bathroom Engineering overcame these problems allowing the contractor to choose AquaeSEAL, a sealing membrane requiring less experience & training to install.
The contractor also planned to fit traditional shower trays until Bathroom Engineering showed how they could build a low cost, high quality tiled wet room shower using linear drains. With a wide range of shower, drains to chose from, the “Engineer it for You” service analysed the specifications, predicted the likely flow rates and identified the most suitable linear floor gully. Additional advice regarding gradient direction, sectional build ups, and construction methodology also helped create the ultimate high quality luxury showers for visiting G.P’s & staff.