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Located along the River Thames in Richmond, a development of contemporary 4/5 bedroom town houses at “Terrace Yard” required high quality showers to be constructed into the concrete floors during the 1st. fix stage of the build.

Bathroom Engineering were brought into the design process at a late stage as the soil pipes and walls had already been constructed. However, by using the ‘Engineer it for You’ service, the plans were reviewed and a number of linear drain solutions were offered.

With a requirement for a very discrete design that would match the high quality ethos of the development, Bathroom Engineering had to ensure the proposal matched the site requirements.

A subsequent site survey revealed a slim sectional floor build up that limited the choice of shower drain, especially with the awkward soil pipe locations. Advice on the complex installation issues resulted in Bathroom Engineering proposing a simple but gorgeous design for each shower that would retain their individual & unique features.

The eventual design allowed for cost effective site fabrication of the gradients, & utilised the PURE Tile floor drains as they have a full 50mm deep water seal foul air trap that conforms strictly to the minimum requirement for UK building regulations.

Following the advice from Bathroom Engineering, the complex installation issues were solved quickly to ensure the project was completed to high standards, thus helping the properties to sell rapidly despite the tough market conditions.