Fast drying, semi solid, flexible synthetic membrane for all showers. Permanently seals walls and floors. Multi surface including plasterboard, WBP, tilebacker boards, concrete & wood.

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AquaeSEAL RP Waterproof Sealant is a semi-solid, ‘ready to use’, and synthetic polymer tanking membrane that is applied by Brush, Roller or Trowel. Tiles & Tile Adhesive are fixed directly to the surface of this fast drying, resilient, & highly elastic waterproofing material. Use with AquaeSEAL JST tapes when bridging joints, to create stable & secure waterproof structures.


  • An elastic, ready to use membrane, used to protect dry building substrates under ceramic tiles, with the following characteristics:
  • solvent-free • waterproof • highly elastic & flexible
  • crack-bridging • permeable to diffusion • solvent free
  • age-resistant • single part • dries a different colour
  • Suitable for humidity load classes 0, A01 and A02 (see ZDB leaflet) and officially approved for load class A1.
  • AquaeSEAL RP prevents damage in normal loaded wet areas & wet loaded walls and floor areas, functioning as a membrane for laying ceramic tiles on moisture sensitive substrates.


  • Method
    • AquaeSEAL RP can be used without being stirred, so long as it is applied using a steel smoothing trowel.
    • If applying AquaeSEAL RP with a roller, it should be stirred by using a powered mixer.
    • A second application of AquaeSEAL RP is advisable, but not essential. The installer may dictate a 2nd. coat is required to achieve complete security, & this is possible approx. 3 – 5 hours after the initial application.
    • Floor & Wall Structures – can be used without a separate primer on concrete, scratch coat, plywood, wall linings & other commonly used materials. With plaster, or plasterboard, use a primer (such as a common PVA).
  • Project Suitability
    • WET ROOM Installation, acting as a waterproof ‘tanking’ membrane, for FLOOR & WALLS
    • ALL SHOWER Installations, with a Tile finish to the walls
    • Bathrooms where the floor or wall are at a higher risk of water ingress due to splashing
    • Refurbishments & New Build Projects

Technical Information


RP Waterproof Membrane 6kg Tub, Waterproof J.S.T Joint Sealing Tape, Waterproof Corner Joint Sealing Tape, Waterproof Floor Joint Sealing Collar, UNO3 all inc. Kit, MEDIO3 all inc. Kit


Tub approx. 5m2, 5m, 10m, 25m, 50m, Internal, External, 120mm x 120mm, Approx 5m2, Approx 10m2

Product range

DescriptionSizeART No.
RP Waterproof Membrane 6kg TubTub approx. 5m2LW00400050
Waterproof J.S.T Joint Sealing Tape5mLW00400051
Waterproof J.S.T Joint Sealing Tape10mLW00400052
Waterproof J.S.T Joint Sealing Tape25mLW00400053
Waterproof J.S.T Joint Sealing Tape50mLW00400054
Waterproof Corner Joint Sealing TapeInternalLW00400055
Waterproof Corner Joint Sealing TapeExternalLW00400056
Waterproof Floor Joint Sealing Collar120mm x 120mmLW00400060
UNO3 all inc. KitApprox 5m2RX09900074
MEDIO3 all inc. KitApprox 10m2RX09900075
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  • Uno and Medio Product Datasheet
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