Why would I want it?

Using a frame rather than a conventional close coupled pan and cistern offers a wide range of advantages.

  • Very high end minimalist finish
  • No section of pan is touching floor allowing the pan and floor to be cleaned more efficiently
  • With frame internal of walls means no cleaning of a cistern which would be required for a close coupled alternative
  • With the frame being fitted into the wall, it creates a real sense of space in the bathroom
  • All additional pipework required is also fitted within the supporting wall, meaning nothing but the pan and flush plate can be seen from within the bathroom.
  • There is a very large range of wall hung pans available on the market ranging from between £100.00 to £350.00, meaning there is lots of choice.
  • Reduced noise from the fill and release of water, to and from the cistern due to being situated within the wall
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