Slim & elegant metal grate, with a brushed finish. Fits high quality floor drain. Suits timber and concrete floors.

A high specification stainless steel shower drain designed for all floor types, including UK style ‘WOOD over JOIST’ & also concrete floors. Features include stainless steel chassis, UK compliant trap (50mm water seal), & stainless steel grate with a ‘brushed finish. A simple, flexible & easy to install shower drain, that suits all shower installations.


  • Suits refurbishment & new build projects, universal shower drain for all common floor substrates, incl. wood over joist, concrete screed etc.
  • Very high quality polished 304 grade stainless steel chassis, suitable for common cleaners (when applied according to instructions)
  • Central outlet position, accommodates different trap options, that rotate to connect the trap to soil pipes in any direction.
  • Standard horizontal trap has a UK compliant 50mm water seal, that suits optional secondary foul air trap (with a physical vapour barrier).
  • Optional traps offer vertical outlets, lower build in heights, or ultra high flow rates. All trap options are rotatable through 360o.
  • Supplied as standard with UK style DN50 > 2” adaptor.
  • Chassis incl. stainless steel installation flange to support the chassis in common U.K. style timber floors.
  • Suits matching ‘Seal System’ waterproof sealing membrane.
  • Vertical upstand on chassis suits all finishes, and the matching grate means height adjustment is not required.
  • Premium quality, ‘brushed’ stainless steel grate
  • Standard ‘Seal System’ self-adhesive waterproof tanking tape is supplied, and is compatible with all common liquid style membranes.
  • Optional ‘FireStop Protection Set’ for Concrete Slab floors, suits vertical traps & provides protection against fire ingress between floors


TECEpuremetalTM shower channels are wide collection vessels used within wet room showers, & are offered in various lengths. Suits:

  • En-Suites – small bathrooms where space efficiency is at a premium
  • High End Designer Bathrooms – Large sizes add to the feeling of space within a shower area
  • Refurbishments & New Build
  • Floor Substrates – Designed for concrete floors & screeds, as well as UK wooden floor boards


Specialist floor drains for wet room showers. Check suitability for concrete or timber floors.

Technical Information


700, 800, 900, 1000, 1200, 1500

Product range

RangeSizeART No.
TECEpuremetal Shower Gully, Grate & Trap700mmWD00800472
TECEpuremetal Shower Gully, Grate & Trap800mmWD00800473
TECEpuremetal Shower Gully, Grate & Trap900mmWD00800474
TECEpuremetal Shower Gully, Grate & Trap1000mmWD00800475
TECEpuremetal Shower Gully, Grate & Trap1200mmWD00800477
TECEpuremetal Shower Gully, Grate & Trap1500mmWD00800480
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